Farewell Mr Lennox

Mr David Lennox pictured in front of his favourite garden

Leading up to his retirement at the end of 2022, Mr Lennox was asked a few questions about how he came to us and what it's been like.

What brought you to SMC?
In January 2005, I became aware that CCM were commencing a new school at Springfield. A representative from CCM suggested to me that I might like to consider being involved. I prayed about it and was enthused about the prospect of having a role in a brand new venture. SMC commenced at the start of the school year 2005.

What year did you start at SMC and what do you remember about that time?
I commenced at SMC April 2005 located at Panorama Drive Springfield on land leased from the Churches of Christ. The school commenced with 35 students from Prep to Upper Primary. The whole school fitted in A Block which is our current Admin building. B Block and C Block were added in 2006.

My role for the first few years

  • Maintenance of facilities at the school and at the Early Learning Centre located at Summit Drive Springfield Lakes (owned by CCM)
  • Groundsman for both locations
  • Bus Driver
  • Cleaner

What would you note as the biggest changes over your time here?
The biggest changes in my time have been:
1. Relocating the school from the Springfield site to the present site.
Late 2009, Grahame Kerr, Norton Sands, Kev Bray and I stood in the middle of the bush at Redbank Plains and inspected the new site for the future of SMC. During the summer holidays 2009 A Block, B Block and C Block were relocated to their present site at Redbank Plains.

2. Transforming the present site from bushland to a modern facility. We worked with contractors to clear the bushland to accommodate the new school.  The new site commenced with no mains services connected that is water, power and sewer. There was a gravel road to the school from Alawoona Street. Water was trucked in to fill 4/25000 litre water tanks which was then pumped throughout the school site. Power was supplied by a huge generator which was located on the carpark side of the present Admin building, to power the entire school site. Temporary Toilet Blocks were setup in front of Admin and where PLC B is located. The tanks under these toilets block where pumped out as needed by a contractor.

This site has been transformed since the end of 2009 to the present with permanent buildings and established gardens and ovals.

What stands out as a highlight of your time here?
There are many highlights. One that comes to mind in early 2020 I installed new gardens in front of Admin with perennials and annuals and when the flowers were in full bloom it brought joy and delight to many students, staff, and parents.

What will you miss about SMC?

  • The laughter of students at break time
  • Serving as part of a school community
  • Working with a team to complete projects and maintain the facilities

What are you looking forward to in your next season?

  • Time with family, grandchildren and friends
  • Some time to get away and relax in our caravan
  • "Retire to refire" - Be involved in God's Kingdom work doing something somewhere. Not sure yet.