Farewell Mr Price

Pictured: Mr Rob Price

At the end of the 2022 school year, we said farewell to one of our long serving staff as he heads into a well deserved retirement. In the lead up to his last day, we asked Mr Price to answer a few questions about his journey with us.

What brought you to SMC?
I was not content at my previous job so I talked to my wife regarding what I could do about that. She asked what I would like to do and I suggested driving a bus. Since she was working full-time then, I could work reduced hours. So we hopped onto Seek and saw an advertisement for a bus driver for Staines with applications closing the next day, so I applied immediately. It was God's timing.

What year did you start at SMC and what do you remember about that time?
The year I started was 2008. I remember the little school on the hill in Springfield and how all the staff made me feel so welcome. We were like a big family.

What would you note as the biggest changes over your time here?
The biggest changes would have to be staff. Staff that you know and love dearly leave for whatever reason. It is sad to see them go. New staff, who are just as beautiful as those that left, come on board. They are all so gifted and committed to the mission and vision of the College.

What stands out as a highlight of your time here?
It's hard to think of only one. It would have to be the quality of the people that I have worked with, whether as a bus driver, as a Teacher Aide in primary and secondary, or as a Property Services Officer.

What will you miss about being at SMC?
I suppose I alluded to it in the answer to the last question - the staff, students and parents. I will miss them all dearly. I will also miss my work here. I will NOT miss having to get up at 4:$5am, particularly on cold winter mornings.

What are you looking forward to in your next season?
As some of the staff here know I have been studying this year to become a chaplain. The course finishes in February 2023. My practical placement has been at an aged care facility and I am loving mixing with the oldies. I may get part time work as a chaplain. If not, I will volunteer. I am also looking forward to spending more time with our twin grandsons.