Female Chaplain

Profile: Mrs Vicki Jackson


My background:

I am a Chaplain at Staines Memorial College and have worked with all ages-children, adolescents and adults. With my involvement in many church environments, I have been able to provide a listening ear to many in need, caring  for them, respecting their needs and enriching their spiritual welfare. Since I first became a Christian, 37 years ago, my passions have been prayer and also studying and listening to God’s Word.  My position enables me to influence better decisions about life choices and promote moral behaviour. It also allows me to be available to staff to help prevent burnout and provide comfort and prayer. Sometimes students have trouble expressing their spiritual needs with others and, being unbiased, I am able to create a safe haven to bridge conversations.

In my role as a school chaplain my desire is to spend quality time with students so they can express themselves openly about concerns for their life, their family and friends.  I love to communicate great truths with passion.  It is a privilege for me to listen to the students and I deeply encourage their spirituality and love for God as they spend time with me, honestly sharing everyday issues.  Some of these issues are: friendship issues, personal issues and traumas, depression, anxiety and relationship concerns. My ultimate goal is to help people live their healthiest life possible. 

I believe in the power of prayer and that our God is more than able to reach into the heart of every student and supernaturally transform him or her into His perfect plan and destiny. I love to encourage the students to use their words wisely and direct their eyes towards their creator. I use God’s Word, the Bible, as it is an incorruptible seed and His word will not return void. It is powerful and I love to share with the students how great a foundation it is to build their lives on God’s Word- a sure, safe and secure footing.
I am in agreement with the staff at SMC. We are here and sometimes the journey of our lives can be complicated. The path ahead may appear steep and feel challenging. If students are willing, we can walk the path with them for a while. Not every step is easy, but we believe the path does lead onward – and upward. My biggest delight is to see children free and their spirits soaring higher as they grow in the knowledge of our loving Creator.