Male Chaplain

Profile: Mr Peter Jenyns


My background:

I have spent my whole life working with children, youth and adults in varied contexts including as a Church Planter, Pastor, Chaplain in two schools, through Youth Group, Sunday School, Camps, Evening Services, on the streets, in mini missions for children around Queensland, in weekly mentoring and in facilitating small groups such as at the annual Queensland Servant Leadership Forum.

As a Chaplain at Staines Memorial College my priority is holistic mentoring.  Rather than re-actively focusing on students in crisis or who are experiencing difficulties I proactively meet with male students weekly in small groups where we have life related discussions and cover topics to prepare them for life and service in the community.  By journeying with them my heart is to empower students to discover and love God, each other and themselves and to see them develop as leaders with a heart for service.  This involves a large number of male students preparing and leading small groups of their own and teams of students regularly going out into the community to serve people in need.  In groups we cover topics such as dating, marriage, Christian worldview, Christian living, apologetics, anxiety, depression, dealing with addictions and others.  Through the Boy’s Development Program, we focus in on what it means to be a man and include symbolic initiations into responsible manhood.  I seek to be approachable and develop relationships with students through modern board games and basketball in lunch breaks.  

I love this job.  It is a privilege to see daily the transformation and growth of so many young people.