Faith Matters!

The Good News:

The gospel currently reaches 81,000 children through the ministry of Christian schools in Australia. When Christian teachers and staff live out their faith, it creates a unique culture and school experience that an increasing number of Australian parents choose for their children. 

The Bad News:

This ministry opportunity could soon be lost; especially if proposals in a discussion paper from the Australian Law Reform Commission are put into practice.
Under current policy proposals by the ALRC:

  • Christian schools won’t be able to recruit staff because they have a living faith.
  • Christian schools won’t be able to provide an authentic, integrated, Christian education. 
  • Parents will no long have the choice of a genuine Christian education for their children. 

Why does this matter?

By removing the ability of Christian schools to hire people who live and breath the Christian faith, the Government is removing the very heart of what makes Christian schools different.

Many Federal Members of parliament are either unaware of these proposals or fail to recognise their radical implications for parents and schools. It is important that we act quickly to inform our local MPs of the potential threat to parental rights and religious freedoms posed by the ALRC’s recommendations.

Now is the time to act!

Please sign up to ‘My Christian School’ (, or use the QR code provided, to show your support for Christian schools. This will keep you informed about this important campaign.
From this site, we encourage you to let your local MP know that Christian teachers and staff are valued and make a difference.  

Let’s not be silent!