Meet the Staff - Mr Alf Bittner

Staffing News Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

What is your name, and what do you do at Staines?
My name is Alf Bittner and I'm the Bus Manager at Staines Memorial College.

What is your favourite part of your job at Staines?
I enjoy devotions in the morning, it's encouraging to hear everyone pray for each other.

Can you tell us about a life changing moment in your life?
When myself and two friends when night fishing in my boat. We were hit by a cyclone. Waves started to come into the boat, lightning struck right near us spraying boiling hot water at us. The lightning lit up the sea and you could see the reef and all the fish. Soon we were being blown further and further out to sea. I said a prayer and the minute I said “AMEN” the wind immediately stopped.

Can you tell us one of your personal mottos?
Is to always be on time, "If your not 15 min early, you're already late".

Who is someone you look up to?
Norton (Mr Sands), amidst all that is going on at this College Norton remains calm, and never makes a rash decision.

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?
If I was stuck on an Island: (soon to be) I would take a large knife, tough fishing line, and hooks.

Do you have a hidden talent?
My grandmother taught me how to sew, and darn. A friend and I used to share a house together.

One time I asked him when he was going to give my socks back, to which he replied the socks were his. I said “Who taught you how to darn”? What is ‘darn’, he said. I said, “That’s the repair job I’ve done, on the big toe of those socks you’re wearing”. He washed them and gave them back.

Later he said to me “Why would you want to repair your socks”? I replied, “I suppose, so that I know their mine”!

Who is your favourite superhero?
Wolverine is without a doubt the most ultimate of all the superheroes. I've been reading his comics for 30 years. He doesn't fly, he's really hard to take down and he will not back down from anyone.