Work Experience

Teaching & Learning Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

The best way to find out about a job is to try it through Work Experience. 

All Year 10 students are encouraged to take place in the SMC Work Experience program.

The best way to explore a job you are interested in is to try it. This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, it is often the last thing people think of when exploring jobs and making career decisions. The following are ways you can try a job.

  • Work observation/shadowing - spend one or two days with someone already in the job
  • Work experience – spend up to a week working in the job
  • Volunteering – volunteer your services to an organisation that has jobs you are interested in
  • Part-time paid work – explore the possibility of part-time or casual work in your preferred career area
  • Join an activity group where you can try out some of the skills you will need in the job you like e.g. join the Air Force Cadets or the St John Ambulance Cadets
  • Participating in various programs associated with specific career areas e.g. Engineering Link projects

The benefits of trying a job are:

  • Learning about what the job involves
  • Having a structured, supervised, hands-on experience
  • Experiencing a work environment – the world of work isn’t like school!
  • Gaining a new referee to add to your resume
  • Developing contacts that may help you gain employment in the future.

Your school Careers Facilitator can help you organise work experience. Read ‘Tips for finding work experience’ on the myfuture website for other ways of finding work experience.