Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

“From 2018, all students from Years 6 to Year 12 will bring their personal laptops and devices from home and use them for educational purposes in the classroom.”

BYOD is a term used to describe when students use their own devices to access the College network and information systems, including filtered internet access and the ability to print to College printers.

At Staines Memorial College we are committed to developing our teaching and learning through the technologies available, and it is expected that online learning will become part of our students’ daily learning experience. We believe that students should be able to access digital content, tools and resources from anywhere at any time as they learn in ways that lead to greater engagement and understanding. 
The Vision of our BYOD Program includes: 

Personalisation of Learning
Personalisation will see greater flexibility within the classroom, and broader curriculum delivery options for teaching staff. This includes the ability to reinforce and expand content, motivate students and respond to a variety of learning preferences. Students can learn and excel at their own pace; and are able to continue learning outside of school hours. 

Participation in Learning
Students have increased opportunities to be engaged, connected and motivated as learning becomes more relevant. They will access, use, create and publish digital and online content, and will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Students can collaborate with others and communicate their knowledge and learning experiences. 

The partnership between the College and home can be strengthened as parents get an insight into the classroom. Students also develop digital citizenship as they learn how to behave relationally through technology, be aware of safe and ethical use, make wise decisions and take healthy precautions. 
Students will learn to use technology efficiently as a tool to manage work and learning as used by corporate businesses and universities. They will develop age-appropriate ICT skills and understandings. 

Please contact the College Office for minimum specifications.