Sporting Teams

Participation and competition in various sports provides development that instils healthy life habits that we value as a school. We believe that there is a valuable place for team and individual sports. 

Our desire is to have as many students participate in sporting (including inter-school) opportunities.

Students at our school receive training and encouragement in a variety of sports through regular Physical Education classes. Further some intra-house competitions and inter-school competitions enable opportunity to develop skills, fitness, teamwork and healthy attitudes of competition and sportsmanship. 

A variety of sporting opportunities are provided with both inter-house and inter-school competitions available. Students from the College compete in local sporting cluster competitions with local schools and with associated Christian schools. 

Students have opportunity to represent our College at inter-school meets in athletics, cross country and swimming. Students are also eligible to apply for district and regional representation in Queensland Primary and Secondary Sporting Association competitions. 

Our Inter-school sports teams include:

  • Touch football
  • Soccer/ Futsal
  • Basketball
  • Netball 

Students who excel in a sport can seek district and then regional representation.